Storyville Coffee Company


Hello, there. Having spent all my life in Seattle, I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the best places to visit in town. In all honesty, I must give the credit of discovering this marvelous oasis to my sister. After visiting Storyville with some friends, she came home raving about the wonderful coffee shop above Pike Place Market that was “unlike any coffee store you’ve ever been to”.

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 presetI’ll have to admit, she was spot on with her description of Storyville. When I finally visited, I understood what her fuss was about. After hunting for the entrance to this elusive spot and climbing stairs that seemed to lead nowhere, I found it. Reaching the top of the landing, I smelled the familiar aromas of fresh roasted coffee and baked treats wafting through the air. The baristas were kind and genuine. The assortment of baked goods was unique (I highly recommend the black peppercorn, strawberry, and goat cheese puff pastry- it’s amazing). The atmosphere was cozy, with those industrial-style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, giving off a we-don’t-try-hard-to-look-cool-it-just-happens vibe. And, dear reader, I love that kind of vibe. I try to emanate that vibe daily.

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If you want views, sit by the window. It’s a wonderful spot to both watch the bustling street below and also people-watch the characters that stop in. Most of the customers are classic Seattleites since the coffee shop is so tucked away. The coffee is served in large mugs, and the pastries are served on plates. No paper cups or pastry bags here! And when you’re finished, don’t worry about bussing your dishes. Storyville wants you to feel like you’re at home, but better.

That is exactly what they accomplish at the wonderful store. The coffee is delicious, though I must admit that I’m not much of a coffee aficionado (almost all coffee tastes good to me!). I know, it’s sad because I live in the coffee capital of the world. But I’m working on my coffee-discerning skills!

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Storyville also has locations in Queen Anne, 1st and Madison (in downtown Seattle), and on Bainbridge Island. The service and feel is consistent through all the stores, something that sets them apart from other places.

So, if you’re ever in Seattle, looking for a calm and cozy place to rest your feet and rejuvenate for a while, consider stopping by Storyville. It will feel like an extension of your living room, but busier and with better service.


*I am writing this of my own accord and have not been payed or contacted by Storyville to write about them.*

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