The List(s) Go On and On…

Hello, there. To be completely honest with you, dear reader, I am an obsessive-compulsive list-maker. Since middle school, I’ve been using lists to organize daily life and special occasions, too. In fact, I keep a “Book of Lists” that has all of the packing/daily lists I’ve made since middle school.

Not only do these lists keep me organized, but they are also a peek into my past. The things I’d pack on a trip during eighth grade are way different than the things I pack now. And I used to take so much time to eat breakfast, whereas now I use much more of my time doing makeup and getting dressed! Sometimes, I try to follow one of my old routines (just for kicks).

On a less sentimental note, I use lists (checklists, to be exact) every day. Whenever I remember another “To-Do”, I write it down for that day’s list. Not only do these “Daily-s” give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which I’m always striving for in life, but they also are a wonderful time machine.

The lists I create are not all equal in my eyes. My favorite is the Packing List! I absolutely love creating one of these because it gives me time to imagine my upcoming trip (I usually become extremely excited at this point in the process). I would be lost without my Packing Lists. You see, dear reader, I am a notorious over-packer. But with my lists, I exercise a bit of self-control (sometimes).

It’s the small mundanes of normal life- like to-do lists- that I often forget to appreciate. But, when I take the time to do so, they are the most fulfilling. Though to-do lists are often done on the back of napkins and scribbled on palms, they are a snapshot of life. They are a piece of who you were that day. They are a piece of your life.


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