The Capes of Winter

The Capes of Winter

Hello, there. As the weather steadily gets colder, I find myself looking for more ways to stay warm and feel stylish at the same time. Looking for answers, I’ve been perusing Pinterest and Instagram for outfit inspiration.

And, dear reader, do you know the silhouette I’ve been consistently drawn to? You guessed it: the cape! This season, I am particularly favoring drape-y outerwear, like capes and blanket scarves. There’s just something about wrapping up in a cozy coat that makes braving the cold a bit easier. I’m sure you agree.

As I am in the market for a cape, I’ve compiled a few of my favorites from the web. Perhaps this list will help you in your search for an on-trend outerwear option as well.

(Going counter-clockwise from the top)
ASOS: $47
ASOS: $47
Mango: $125



One thought on “The Capes of Winter

  1. LOVE THIS!! Thank you for providing some resources on WHERE to find them and HOW MUCH they cost! Super helpful! I don’t own any capes but your post has encouraged me to try one this winter season! I can tell they are rising in popularity as Michael Kors and Neiman Marcus’s window displays are featuring capes!

    Thanks for the lovely read!



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