Anticipating Good Cheer

Hello, there. I’ll admit, I love that Target had Christmas displays up in stores before Halloween was over. I love that Starbucks switched to their signature holiday red cups on November 1st. I love that consumerism in America is already in the holiday swing of things.

You see, dear reader, I adore Christmas and everything that comes with it. For me, it is not only about the material objects. When Christmas decorations are everywhere, people can’t help but be nicer to each other. Perhaps we look our cashier in the eye and say “Happy Holidays” on a rainy afternoon. Or maybe we walk around with a smile on our face one day because our favorite holiday song played on the radio that morning. It is the little reminders that humanity can return, no matter how bad it may have gotten in the year. It is a connecting point for America. It is a time when we are reminded by the songs and the stories to slow down and enjoy life, if only for a short while.

I’m sure some believe that I have a romanticized view of the holiday season. But, if there can’t be a bit of happiness and joy during the holidays, then when will it happen?

In any case, if you are anxious to begin decorating, I have found a few pictures of beautifully decorated homes to inspire you. (And to save you from looking through hundreds of pictures just to find a few you like!) Enjoy!

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

  1. I’m completely crazy about the set-up of this foyer. It is so Christmas-y, but in an effortless sort of way,  like homes in Christmas movies. They are subtle touches, but make it seem so much more lived-in than the perfect homes.
  2. I started putting leftover Christmas ball ornaments into pretty bowls a few years ago. It’s a simple way to have holiday decorations that are not overdone or over-thought. The addition of some greenery in this picture adds another texture. I’ll have to try putting some branches in my arrangements this year!
  3. This is a beautiful and inspiring way to combine the blackboard and a table centerpiece. Designlovefest is quickly becoming one of my favorite DIY/home decorating blogs with the bright colors and witty typography.
  4. This is a wonderfully chic but still accessible stocking idea. The material used is not kitschy or typically “Christmas”, but the red in the pattern and the red stripe at the top of the fold tie very well in to the holiday feel. I just noticed there is some greenery and berries on sticks inside the stockings. What a wonderful idea to fill them until Christmas arrives! So simple, but bringing the outdoors in is essential during the holidays ( I mean, look at Christmas trees!).
  5. This image is from the same blog as #1, #4, and #7. She revealed that the plaid “garland” enrobing the tree was actually plaid scarves found at the Dollar Store. What an inspiring way to use something so inexpensive! One can find a Christmas decoration nearly anywhere, if they learn to look hard enough. (I feel like that should be a quote from someone like Martha Stewart or something…)
  6. The sign and the “Joy” garland demonstrate that a mantle does not need to be complex to be beautiful and very Christmas-y. If you like the look of the sign, The Wood Connection will show you how to make it. Though it takes some work, I’m sure it would be a permanent staple in the Christmas mantle decorations for years to come.
  7. And finally, the darling Christmas-themed hutch. Now, humor me for a moment while I deconstruct exactly what CraftberryBush did with the decor. It seems that the only things she added were a few red mugs, some candy canes, red ornaments in a bowl, and some greenery! I always thought there were some areas of the home that simply could not be decorated. The hutch was one of them. However, I’ve been proven incorrect, and I am so thankful for it. Absolutely in love with the idea that a few simple red ornaments and some greenery can add a Christmas touch to anywhere in the home.

*I borrowed each picture from the respective websites linked. I do not take ownership for any of the photographs in the collage.*


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