Not Once, But Twice!

Hello, there.

I have decided that my skin needs something different; so different, in fact, that it can’t be found in the United States. The location of my skin’s hopes and dreams? South Korea. The women (and men, for that matter) take much better care of their skin than most Americans. One aspect of their daily routine includes the double-cleanse. You may be thinking, “Twice in a row?! No way. I can barely wash my face once.” But, hear me out, dear reader.

Not Once, But Twice (Washing your face twice; a method to the madness)I was doing the double-cleanse (saying double-wash sounds too much like a laundry technique) before I knew that it was an essential part of the Korean routine. First, I run a cotton pad under lukewarm water or rosewater and proceed to remove all of my face and eye makeup, using both sides of the cotton pad. Then, I splash water on my face and use my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. Why did I wash my face twice every evening by choice? I have sensitive eyes, and all forms of cleanser/makeup remover/towelettes severely irritate my eye area. So, in an effort to keep the face wash as far away from my eyes as possible, I’ve always washed off all of my eye makeup first. Also, I believe that a once-over cleaning is not enough for face makeup. I mean, a lot of that stuff is like paint nowadays!

I am certainly an advocate for the double-cleanse, even though it adds about three minutes to my morning and night routines. Also, I plan to try some other Korean beauty products, techniques, and routines; making sure to keep you, dear reader, in the loop.



P.S. The link to the product website, above, is not an affiliate link. I purchased the product myself, and it was not a gift or promotional item.

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