12 Days of Christmas (in Seattle) Day 4: PNB’s Nutcracker

Hello, there. I think that many of you are aware of this classic holiday tradition. Though attending The Nutcracker has never been a true tradition in my family, I know it is for many others and the Seattle rendition is just too good to pass up. 12 Days Day 4 Blog Graphic

To be honest, dear reader, I’ve always had quite an aversion to Nutcracker. Why, you may ask? Well, I believe it is because dance has been a big part of my life for quite a while and, when I watched Nutcracker, I compared myself to the dancers on stage. Though I knew this was an unfair comparison, it was inevitable. I consider myself relatively competitive, and it makes me frustrated when I see ballerinas do things that I’ve been working hard at in class for months.

Well, things have shifted a bit this year because I am not dancing at all due to school. And, when I began playing Christmasmusic on my Pandora station on November 1st, songs from Nutcracker were playing often. In the past, it’s always been a painful reminder. But, this year, my spirits liften when I heard the music. Anyways, I have decided to purchase a ticket and see Nutcracker this year.

There is another factor, besides the music, that has persuaded me to return to the show. But first, I must fill you in on a bit of background so that you will understand. The Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of Nutcracker is special, you see. The set and costume designer for the show isnone other than Maurice Sendak. Recognize the name? Well, that’s because Sendak is the author and illustrator of the infamous Where the Wild Things Are, along with many other wonderful stories. So, the other reason why I am so eager to go? After 31 years, this is the last year the PNB will be putting on the Sendak version of The Nutcracker. And, for me, that is reason enough to see it one last time.

Price: Ticket prices vary for the different shows and seating areas, so here is the link and you can find prices based on your preferences. There aren’t many seats left, so if you want a ticket, you had better hurry!

Local Trick: Well, this isn’t a trick so much as some local knowledge. Ok, fine, it’s not local. It’s published on the internet! But, I will still tell you in case you didn’t know. In case you couldn’t get tickets for next year, or are curious as to what PNB will be doing next with Nutcracker, I will put your questions/worries/concerns to rest. PNB will be collaborating with children’s author Ian Falconer, known for the Olivia series, which revolves around a dancing pig and her adventures. The choreography, too, will be changed to the George Balanchine version, from 1954. Balanchine is credited with making The Nutcracker the national holiday tradition it is today (back then, it was not performed much). Personally, I’m very excited for this new ballet. I don’t have many personal ties to the current version, I really like the Falconer’s illustrations, and I love Balanchine’s choreography.

Location: McCaw Hall, 321 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109

Dates/Times: November 28 – December 28, specifics here


P.S: Sorry this one is a bit later than usual, I received some stressful news about a class and it has been dominating my brain lately. However, I have added snowfall to the blog, which will be present until January 4th. Enjoy!!

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