12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Let It Snow at Pacific Place

Hello, there. As you may or may not know, Seattle doesn’t get that much snow. I mean, for the amount of rain that we receive throughout the year, you’d think that we could have a week of snow during the winter, right? Well, we usually don’t. This is why I seek out holiday “snow” events as much as possible.

12 Days Day 5 Blog Graphic
I want a white Christmas as much as the next person, even if the “white” part happens for 15 minutes, inside a mall, on a day that isn’t Christmas. And, this brings me to today’s event! Every evening at 6:00 pm, it snows at Pacific Place. Attending this fun event is probably one of the longest-standing traditions that my family has done. I remember one year, my sister, a family friend, and I skipped through the streets of downtown (with parents in tow) singing “It’s going to snow at 6 o’clock!” repetitively. We thought we were so cool. We were also seven years old (or near that). Some years, the mall plays music and people dance, which is really fun to see. It’s a wonderful outing, and it is actually quite magical.Price: Free!

Local Trick: Though some people stand on the second or third levels of Pacific Place and look down onto the bottom floor, I’ve always stood with the masses on the first floor because I want the snow to fall onto me, not below me (so, really, it’s personal preference). Also, the snow is actually bubbles. So, try not to get a snowflake in your eye, and I don’t recommend catching them on your tongue, either.

Location: Pacific Place, 600 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Dates/Times: November 28 – December 31, nightly at 6:00 pm


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