12 Days of Christmas Day 8: Christmas Carousel

Hello, there. I have fond memories of carousel rides. As a young girl, they were the highlight of vacations to France and holidays in Seattle. So, I think it would be wonderful to share this tradition with you, dear reader. 12 Days Day 8 Blog Graphic

At Westlake Park, across from Westlake Center and right next to Sephora, on Pine Street, you’ll find a wonderful carousel befitted for the holidays. I think it’s more special to visit at night, because the trees are aglow with twinkling lights and the carousel shines like a beacon in the dark. For an extra special treat, I always head to the Starbucks across the street, (the one in the middle of Westlake, that sits alone) afterwards. Though this store is usually super packed, I’m willing to let it slide during the holidays.

Day 8 Extra Graphic
A trip down Nostalgia Lane… I’m the one in the big hat! 

Even though riding a carousel is often considered childish, I love sitting on one of the horses and watching the world fly by, if only for a minute. With everything blurring together, it provides a romantic view of the city, one that we don’t get the opportunity to see very often.

Price: Free, but there is a suggested donation of $3. Net proceeds go to Treehouse for Kids.

Local Trick: Check out the blue trees and giant checkers board that are also located in Westlake Park. I think, if my memory serves me correctly, they were painted to draw attention to conservation and promote mindfulness toward the environment. The trees definitely provide a great photo op, and watching people play checkers on the floor is so fun.

Location: 401 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

Dates/Times: November 28 – January 1, times can be found here


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