In Chloe’s Life- An Update

Hello, there. You may be wondering, “Did Chloë abandon the blog?” or “Did she get buried alive in all the holiday festivities and whatnots?” 

Well, dear reader, I am back. And back for good this time. You see, right before the holidays, I was moving back home (temporarily), trying to visit friends, and also plan for Christmas gifts. As you can tell by my absence, this was not conducive to good blog-posting habits. And, especially because I’m still quite new at this, I didn’t have a good method of getting through the madness and continue to deliver content.

Alright alright, the holiday season ended 5 days ago (saying this pains me, and accepting it pains me even more). During these post-holiday days, I’ve been researching and practicing various “good-blog-habit” techniques. Needless to say, I feel very ready to tackle the upcoming 12 months and be more consistent on here. I mean, it is an absolute joy to write to you!

Now onto the important stuff- a life update!

I’ll begin with right before Christmas. I had just moved back home, and was so excited to be there for the holidays. As a family, we have many traditions during this time of year (which I introduced to you through 12 Days). Of course, we attempted to do all of them. For the most part, it worked. Though some things got left by the wayside (it was inevitable), the most important features of the holiday season in Seattle were completed by Christmas Eve. To top off this busy time, I was hand making gifts for my mom, sister, and countless other friends. This put quite a strain on the schedule as well! On December 24, I went to Whole Foods with my dad to pick out some yummy treats that we would enjoy on Christmas Day (this has become a casual tradition). I then returned home to get ready for the Christmas Eve party we attend annually. To be honest, I think getting ready is the most fun part of the whole thing! After practicing my small talk and eating way too many hors d’oeuvres, I hopped into bed with my new macaron pajamas on & my dad read “The Night Before Christmas”. Christmas Day went by in a blur, and, before I knew it, December 26 was upon me. My family and I piled in the car and drove to the movie theatre (apparently having the same idea as the rest of our town because the box office line went on forever), and saw “Into The Woods”. I am quite a musical fan, so I thought the film was perfect, and soon after, I bought the album. Have you seen any fantastic movies over the holiday season?

Soon after, my sister, my dad, and I flew to Palm Springs for New Years with some friends. It was a lovely time and we hiked around Joshua Tree National Park on New Years Day (more detailed post coming soon)!

I hope you have had a lovely holiday season, and that you’re getting back into the swing of things.


PS- And about the 12 Days of Christmas posts, and how they disappeared a few days before Christmas: Turns out, I only really had 10 days of activities. I stressed and fretted trying to find 2 more activities or events, but everything had already passed. I will try again next year, perhaps with a different theme. I hope you, dear reader, enjoyed the 12-but-really-10 days of Christmas despite this. The purpose of these was to share family traditions with you, which I think came across, even though it was only 10 days.

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