12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Pike Place Market

Hello, there. Oh my goodness I am so excited to gush about this outing. I must admit, it isn’t really something organized by the city of Seattle. It’s more like I’m letting you in on a little holiday tradition that I’ve created, and it’s my favorite tradition of all. Truly, you can do this during all seasons of the year, but Christmas is the most wonderful time to walk around the city.  Continue reading

Where Has the Time Gone?

Hello, there. Wow. It’s incredible how, when I need longer days because I have so much to do, they just disappear in the blink of an eye! There is absolutely no excuse for not posting, but I will explain to you, dear reader, the cause of my absence.

You see, this coming week is the accumulation of the last four months of work. In order to not be absurdly stressed, I decided that I’d work on preparations the week prior. So, I have been working very hard on that. In addition, I am moving out of my place in a week. And, of course, you know how it is, dear reader. It’s amazing how spread out you can become in just a few short months. So, now that much of the preparation for both my stressful week and my moving are finished, I can finally focus on writing more content for the blog! It has been very difficult to not write, because it makes me so happy to write to you. But, work before play, as they always say!

I hope you are doing well, and enjoying the holidays, wherever you may be.


12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Winterfest at Seattle Center

Hello, there. Today’s outing actually is more like a few different activities that are all in the same area. And… drumroll please… the area is Seattle Center! Not only does it have 3 wonderful museums, but it is also host to Seattle Children’s Theatre and the Chihuly Garden & Glass (oh, and the Space Needle too!). If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to visit Seattle Center yet, the holidays are the perfect time to go because there’s even more to do! Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas (in Seattle) Day 1: The Gingerbread Village

Hello, there. This is the first post in my “12 Days of Christmas (in Seattle)” miniseries. Every day, I will share with you, dear reader, one event or activity that Seattle hosts during the holiday season. By the way, these aren’t chosen in happenstance. Each and every one of these activities has been integral in my annual Christmas experience. They are traditions that are very close to my heart, and I think others will appreciate them just as much as I do.   Continue reading

Not Once, But Twice!

Hello, there.

I have decided that my skin needs something different; so different, in fact, that it can’t be found in the United States. The location of my skin’s hopes and dreams? South Korea. The women (and men, for that matter) take much better care of their skin than most Americans. One aspect of their daily routine includes the double-cleanse. You may be thinking, “Twice in a row?! No way. I can barely wash my face once.” But, hear me out, dear reader.

Continue reading