12 Days of Christmas Day 9: University Village

Hello, there. I must admit, University Village is one of the best places to stroll in Seattle. Though it’s not in the city, it is a wonderful outdoor-shopping-style place. And, of course, the holidays only make it more special.  Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Let It Snow at Pacific Place

Hello, there. As you may or may not know, Seattle doesn’t get that much snow. I mean, for the amount of rain that we receive throughout the year, you’d think that we could have a week of snow during the winter, right? Well, we usually don’t. This is why I seek out holiday “snow” events as much as possible. Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas (in Seattle) Day 1: The Gingerbread Village

Hello, there. This is the first post in my “12 Days of Christmas (in Seattle)” miniseries. Every day, I will share with you, dear reader, one event or activity that Seattle hosts during the holiday season. By the way, these aren’t chosen in happenstance. Each and every one of these activities has been integral in my annual Christmas experience. They are traditions that are very close to my heart, and I think others will appreciate them just as much as I do.   Continue reading